Jagenberg Paper develops new winder

Jagenberg Paper develops new winder

Paper finishing is firmly anchored in Jagenberg Paper's DNA. The GmbH specializes in the retrofit business and is a true expert when it comes to service, engineering and machine maintenance. The Krefeld-based company is now also taking off in the field of new machines. The latest jewel is the J² narrow-cut winder. The name is a tribute to Jagenberg Holding, which had already built winders 70 years ago. Having stopped building new winders some 20 years ago, Jagenberg Paper is now ushering in the second generation with the narrow-cut winder, hence "J²".

Christoph Racz, Managing Director of Jagenberg Paper GmbH, was involved in the process from the beginning and describes how the project came about: "Our customer Zellstoff Pöls approached us in the fall of 2019 with an invitation to submit a bid."


Zellstoff Pöls AG
Zellstoff Pöls AG, a subsidiary of the Heinzel Group, is one of the largest producers of high-quality, elemental chlorine-free bleached long-fiber sulfate pulp in Central and Southeastern Europe. The premium supplier from Austria pays particular attention to quality and sustainability.


The J² winder impresses with its compact installation space. It is designed in such a way that there are no hydraulic cylinder systems either below or above the machine. Instead, these are integrated into the installation space, making the machine ideal for installations in premises with low ceiling heights and no basement. The cutting machine also impresses with its narrow roll functionality. This means that small formats with a width of 70 mm can be produced at the customer's request. The off-line slitter rewinder is also equipped as a "doctor rewinder", which makes it possible to slit defective reels and thus repair them.


Unlike classic slitter rewinders, an offline slitter rewinder is not located directly behind the paper machine, but is free-standing in the mill. This high degree of flexibility means that space can be used more effectively.



J²: powerful, safe, sustainable

In the paper production of Pöls AG, the new J² winder takes over the further finishing of already cut paper rolls. For this purpose, the roll is cut into smaller rolls by 19 knives on the so-called reel spool, which are unwound at a speed of up to 1,500 m/min. Thanks to state-of-the-art drive technology, kraft papers with a basis weight of 20 - 120 g/m2 can be processed here. Mathias Miskys from Lebbing automation & drives GmbH is thrilled to have been part of the process: "It's great to be able to incorporate the experience gained over many years in the automation of a wide variety of slitter rewinders into one machine." Machine safety is also exceptional and has been tested by Lauer CE-Safety GmbH. "The rider roll of the machine can be flexibly fixed in any position - unlike almost all other machines from other suppliers - so that machine operators can work comfortably and safely inside," explains Christoph Racz, who has already been working in the paper industry for 20 years. This ensures that employees are protected during maintenance work on the two-ton rider roll.

The plant in Pöls places the highest value on CO2 neutrality and environmental friendliness. Due to the high energy optimization standard, a particularly energy-efficient winder was important to the customer. Government subsidies are even available for such a special machine with high energy efficiency. As the winder from Jagenberg Paper meets the desired criteria, it is considered to be extremely energy-efficient and sustainable, not least due to its CO2-friendly, short supply chains.

Acceptance in December

Factory acceptance and pre-commissioning took place at Jagenberg Paper's plant in December 2021. After transport to Austria, final assembly took place at the customer's site. On site, two supervisors and two electrical engineers from Jagenberg Paper actively supported the installation.


"It is great to be part of such a team that has created great things and is reviving the values of the historic Jagenberg company. We want to shape a new era that stands for a modern machine building and the old reliability."

David Alsters, Chief Designer


Jagenberg Paper's comprehensive service also includes technological support for the J² winder and other winders at the Pöls AG mill. "Despite the challenging situation under the Corona pandemic, all employees contributed to completing the winder on schedule," says Jagenberg Paper Managing Director Christoph Racz in a very satisfied summary. "This was a great achievement by everyone involved!"

The energy-efficient, compact winder will now be followed by other new machines from Jagenberg Paper in the future.


"What we were looking for was 'Made in Germany' with a strong partner who gets to work competently and sustainably, from engineering to production to delivery."

Christoph Racz,
Managing Director Jagenberg Paper GmbH

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Jagenberg Paper Neumaschine Rollenschneider
Jagenberg Paper Neumaschine Rollenschneider