Location marketing campaign in Cochem-Zell with Kampf

Location marketing campaign in Cochem-Zell with Kampf

For more than 60 years, Kampf Schneid- und Wickeltechnik GmbH & Co. KG has been firmly anchored in the district of Cochem-Zell with its location in the local community of Dohr. With its unique nature grown from volcanoes and slate, the Mosel district is an attractive region to live and work in. "We work where others go on vacation. I think that's great!" enthuses Marc Jobelius, production manager in Dohr.

For qualified skilled workers in the region

An excellent opportunity to communicate the attractiveness of the region more strongly finally presented itself last summer: Under the name "Precisely why. Cochem-Zell", the district works - responsible in the district for water supply, local heating and waste management - launched a location marketing campaign. The declared aim of the initiative is to draw the attention of qualified specialists in particular to the region and thus strengthen the local economy.

"It's time for us to speak for our region! The goal is to create a balance between innovative business location and attractive place to live."

Alex Görgen, Cochem-Zell District Works

As a regionally strong employer, Kampf was happy to declare its support for this initiative. "The location marketing campaign is ideally suited to expand our radius of action even further," thinks Marc Jobelius, who did not hesitate for long. Kampf is thus one of the 20 companies involved in the initiative. This commitment strengthens Kampf's 15-year recruitment drive, which also includes cooperation with nearby schools. In this way, the Dohr site can draw the attention of potential young employees to itself at an early stage and familiarize them with the possibilities of a career at Kampf.

As part of the location marketing campaign, each sponsor receives a promotional profile on the district's website. There, the company can present itself with its range of occupations. In particular, information on apprenticeships is to be found there. Also part of the campaign are blog entries and social media contributions. Alex Görgen, the main person responsible for the project, sees this as a great opportunity for the region and the companies involved in the campaign: "We expect a lot of traffic through social media, and thus a positive response for the place."


To kick off the campaign, a video of Kampf

The campaign is still in its early stages, but work is in full swing. Among other things, Kampf has already produced image and video material dealing with the various apprenticeship occupations. The articles on the occupations "Industrial mechanic" and "Machinist - turning and milling technology" are to be published in the coming weeks. Marc Jobelius hopes that more trainees and skilled workers will find their way into the company in the future and, above all, that more women than ever before will discover the attractiveness of combat for themselves. That's why Marc Jobelius also appreciates the event catalog for employees and the digital training fair that are planned as part of "Precisely why. Cochem-Zell"  as particularly exciting for Kampf: "We are proud to be part of it and are pleased that our ongoing commitment to the region is being recognized by the district works." That this is the case is underscored by the campaign kick-off: a presentation of Kampf and its Dohr company site.

"In Cochem-Zell, everything happens around the church tower. That's why it's all the more important for us to make the Kampf name a positive one and attractive beyond the region."

Marc Jobelius,
Production Manager at Kampf in Dohr