Brief Interview with Oliver Blaankaert, Jagenberg’s new IT Manager Group

Brief Interview with Oliver Blaankaert, Jagenberg’s new IT Manager Group

In our interview, Oliver Blaankaert, the new IT Manager Group of the Jagenberg Group introduces himself and presents his vision for the development of information technologies of the group and its companies.

Hello, Mr Blaankaert, please introduce yourself briefly

Hello. Well, I have been in the IT sector for 24 years now. In this time, I have been able to acquire a lot of industry experience in mechanical and plant engineering as well as in the automotive sector.

After several professional positions as IT manager, in my most recent position I acted as IT project manager at a software manufacturer for digitalization solutions for PLM, DMS, CPQ in the medium-sized, technical environment for many years.

As a project manager and PLM professional, I have spent 12 years coordinating the interaction between value creation processes and information technology. As such I have offered advice and support on the core aspects of PLM and the implementation of PLM solutions to a great number of customers.

What aspects of your new position do you consider most exiting?

The Jagenberg Group’s guiding principle "Create.Future.Together." wraps it up quite well: Growing together in terms of business growth also means the “growing together” in terms of integration the entire groups’ IT/TC landscape.

I am happy to accept this challenge.

What are your goals for Jagenberg Group, short- and long-term?

As the group encompasses several companies, there are also several IT organizations. My short-term goal here is to further deepen the exchange of the technologies used and of best practice solutions.

As a long-term goal, I envision a jointly developed IT strategy with which we can leverage corporate synergies along the value chain in the future.


Thank you for the interview and your time, Mr. Blaankaert.