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Jagenberg Group presents group-wide sustainability strategy


Jagenberg Group presents group-wide sustainability strategy

Krefeld, June 3, 2023. Jagenberg Group is celebrating a very special premiere: the international group of companies headquartered in Krefeld presents its sustainability strategy under the heading "Caring for the Future". An insight into the group-wide sustainability strategy as well as the goals and measures formulated therein can from now be found in the sustainability report on the Jagenberg Group website, www.jagenberg.com.


Sustainability is strategic intent

The engagement for the future is deeply anchored in the Jagenberg Group and its mission "Create.Future.Together." With the j-united 2025 strategy, the topic was already put on the Jagenberg Group's agenda in 2021. Along with customer orientation, profitability and technology, sustainability is a central pillar of the group-wide strategy. Since then, it has been strategic will to address global changes in their various dimensions: "For us, it is both an ambition and an commitment to leave the best possible planet for future generations," emphasizes Dr. Stephan Witt, Executive Board of Jagenberg AG. "That's why we defined the environmental, social and governance agenda for Jagenberg Group, established in our sustainability strategy and made it public with our first sustainability report."


Jagenberg Group understands the importance of sustainability and therefore created a sustainability manager position. Since June 2022 Dr. Sascha Schneiderwind is responsible for sustainability at Jagenberg Group. He reports to the Executive Board of Jagenberg AG.


Jagenberg Group's first sustainability report

The main goal of the first sustainability report is to provide valuable information to stakeholders and general public. It also aims to encourage members of Jagenberg Group to adopt sustainable behavior. To meet the interests the stakeholder’s expectations, the sustainability report describes the Jagenberg Group's strategic approach and presents its realization along the value chain. In the sustainability report, the dimensions of the ESG agenda (Environmental, Social, Governance) can be found in dedicated chapters, which also portray the Group's sustainability efforts regarding the protection of climate

  • "Caring for the Planet", resource awareness
  • "Caring for Solutions," employer attractiveness
  • "Caring for People," and responsible corporate management
  • "Caring for Leadership."

More information for interested readers as well as the Jagenberg Group’s sustainability report can be found at www.jagenberg.com/sustainability/.


About Jagenberg AG 

Jagenberg AG, part of the Kleinewefers Group and headquartered in Krefeld, Germany, is a strategic management holding company active in the fields of mechanical and plant engineering, automation and drive technology, as well as digital solutions. Jagenberg Group's operating affiliates currently employ around 1,300 people in Europe, China, India and the USA. In addition to the Jagenberg Group's operating affiliates, the Kleinewefers Group has a second business division, its real estate division. www.jagenberg.com


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