Assuming responsibility for society and the environment is an essential part of our corporate identity. In this respect, the Jagenberg Group's commitment goes far beyond the legal requirements. We act ethically and sustainably - towards our employees, society and the world in which we live.

Work and health protection


The well-being of our employees is close to our hearts. Health-promoting working conditions - e.g. through ergonomic workplaces, free drinks or fresh fruit - are therefore just as important to us in the Jagenberg Group as our company health management. In addition to cooperation with leading health insurance companies and organizations, this includes a comprehensive program of sports, nutritional counseling and preventive medical care.

Promoting fitness and well-being

The range of sporting activities available to our employees extends from cardiovascular training and JobRad leasing to yoga classes and treadmills at walking speed in the corridors. In addition, we offer financial support for participation in external courses and sporting events and provide basic and advanced knowledge on the subject of health in the context of impulse lectures, workshops and health days. The well-being of employees with health problems is taken care of by our company integration management.



The Paris Agreement on climate protection, the Kyoto Protocol, and also social movements such as "Fridays for Future" show that the relevance of climate neutrality and the associated reduction of greenhouse gases is constantly increasing. For the Jagenberg Group, responsibility therefore also means making an active contribution to reducing CO2 emissions and using valuable resources sparingly along the entire value chain.  

Commitment to climate protection

We demonstrate our openness to the changes that the present and future hold in store for us in the area of "ecological sustainability" by taking targeted measures to protect the climate on the basis of the "Greenhouse Gas Protocol". This includes reducing direct and indirect emissions as well as the processes associated with our business activities. In addition to workshops to identify new improvement measures and roadmaps to prioritize and implement the measures, we also rely on a Group-wide sustainability management system to promote cross-cutting exchange.

We are aware of our social, societal and ecological responsibility in the Jagenberg Group and fill it with life every day. We see it as our task to respond adequately to the needs of partners, employees and society as part of the 'big picture'.

Dr. Erich Bröker, CEO Jagenberg AG

Social commitment


Commitment to society has a long tradition in the Jagenberg Group. In the respective home regions of our companies, we support people in need, for example in the form of orders to workshops for the disabled, donations to charitable institutions or as an "emergency island" for children who need a place to go in acute everyday situations. We forgo customer gifts at the end of the year in favor of donations to aid organizations.

For the skilled workers of tomorrow

For the Jagenberg Group, social commitment also means promoting qualified young talent. By cooperating with elementary and secondary schools, we start here in childhood and adolescence by providing technical aids for lessons, enabling tours of the company or introducing ourselves as part of career orientation days. We secure the next generation of skilled workers for our Group by participating in trade shows. There we introduce interested young people to the variety of technical professions in the Jagenberg Group.

Example projects

German Founder Award 2021 for Kampf
Kampf sponsors the B-Youth Handball Girls 2021
New Drone for "Homburgisches Gymnasium Nümbrecht" from Kampf
Kampf Insect hotel: Home to bees and other useful animals
Charity of Kusters Calico in Bamangam, india
Stationary distribution to Bamangam school
Kusters Calico takes care of orphaned children
Charity of Kusters Calico in Bamangam, india

Code of Conduct


Respecting and upholding our values and principles is one of the most important foundations for the success of our group of companies, both today and in the future. We are convinced that the trust of our partners and shareholders depends to a large extent on the conduct of our employees. That is why our code of conduct guidelines support them in acting with heart, mind and integrity. Our suppliers are also bound by these guidelines.

Fair, integer, ethical

In addition to maintaining fair competition and adhering to national and international trade principles, our code of conduct management includes guidelines on data privacy and security in information technology. It also ensures that both our employees and the governing bodies of the Jagenberg Group act in the interests of the Group at all times. In the spirit of responsible, ethical action, our guidelines also include requirements for environmental protection and safe, fair working conditions.

Our business fields

Our portfolio

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