Diverse areas of work

Diversity is a principle in Jagenberg Group. With our Machinery & Plants, Automation & Drives, and Digital divisions, we actively shape the future and cover a very broad spectrum in order to offer comprehensive solutions.


As a specialist for machines and systems that process web-shaped materials, Jagenberg Group stands for high-end, innovative solutions.

Moving big things

From very small to very large: In mechanical engineering, details make all the difference

The machines and systems in our Machinery & Plants business unit move big things: web materials in a wide variety of sizes, thicknesses, materials.
To this end, Jagenberg Group combines the development of plants for slitting and winding technology, textile as well as carpet and paper finishing under one roof — and we open up a whole world of opportunities for our employees in technology, logistics, service, IT or in the commercial area. Through companies worldwide in the truest sense of the word.

Team-based and agile working methods make our IT what it is. The IT team is responsible for hardware, software as well as all networks and communications equipment at Kampf. The specialists are indispensable in all departments: for the development of software, for administration, supporting at the helpdesk, as security officers, for process development, as consultants and for managing internal and external projects.

We purchase components and individual parts all over the world. Our logistics organize the receipt of goods, their registration and warehousing, their distribution to the appropriate assembly locations, as well as the planning of the shipment of finished machines around the world.

At our various locations in the world, teams of highly qualified specialists assemble complete machines from individual parts and components. We offer the construction of automation systems, including the mechanical assembly and electrical design, control and adjustment. The working environment at Jagenberg is modern and innovative.

Sales: Colleagues in sales are passionate about selling our machines and services around the world and bringing customer needs into our product development. Together with project management, engineering, and other departments from order to acceptance and further support.

Purchasing: Our strategic purchasing department works closely with our suppliers to continuously improve costs, quality, and adherence to deadlines — this is very important for smooth processes.

Controlling: Is responsible for monitoring of our company figures, determining key figures, preparing figures for management; the department supports management in defining and achieving targets and control the results and targets.

Consulting, support, implementation: Our Service-Team keeps our customers' machines running all over the world. We accompany every slitting and winding machine over its lifetime. From commissioning, repairs, maintenance, spare parts delivery, upgrading, relocations to environmentally friendly disposal. Digital customer solutions, which offer data-based services, are developed by interdisciplinary teams in close cooperation with all specialist departments.

Technology encompasses customized special designs and modularly structured machines. This includes development, E and M design, CAD-based, software development, as well as control engineering. It also coversorder clarification, idea generation, calculation, implementation or product optimization in close cooperation with our product management and the developers.


Machine builders and operators rely on our comprehensive portfolio of services for plant drive, control, and automation technology.

Holistic & modern: Our systems ensure safety


Letting things run smoothly

Drive and automation technology is at the heart of endless web production plants. Both in new plants and in the modernization and optimization (retrofitting) of existing plants, the systems of Jagenberg Group are characterized by quality that makes us stand out. We round off our field of business with comprehensive prevention and safety services — and offer a wide range of career opportunities from engineering to assembly and manufacturing to commercial and information technology professions.

Customer-oriented control and automation technology: This is what distinguishes the work of our technicians, engineers, and designers. They plan, program, and design the brain of the machine and make it work — worldwide.

From individual switch boxes to complex switch cabinet rows to switchgear containers: our highly qualified specialists manufacture the heart of a system and carry out the assembly at the customer's site.

Our team of globally experienced service technicians provides peace of mind to our domestic and international customers — spanning maintenance, spare parts delivery, repairs, remote services, and more.

Purchasing, controlling, accounting, sales, and many other departments ensure smooth processes.

Our system administrators and IT all-rounders are responsible for hardware, software, networks, and communications equipment. They support the entire team at all locations.


Our expertise in developing digital solutions leverages potential for existing applications and proves a valuable advantage for the future.

At the forefront of the industry

Our technologies have been at the forefront of their industries for over 100 years. To keep it that way, we invested early on in our own business area and thus in the megatrend of digitalization.

Digitally, we create added value in our customers' production and help make use of potential that point the way into the future. To this end, we train our own specialists and look for IT and office staff to make communication between machines and people a success.

We are the "creative savages" in the Jagenberg Group - a strong team of mechanical engineers, automation specialists, digitalizers and creative minds. We are passionate about driving the digital future of products within the Group and developing new ways to bring out the best for our customers. It is our goal to provide the basis for the optimal digitization of machines and plants and the use of data, to simplify our customers' processes, to increase their efficiency, to use synergy effects and to open up new potentials for the requirements of the digital world.

Why Jagenberg?

UNBOX THE FUTURE WITH US: No one knows what the future holds, but we can set a course so it opens the best perspectives. In our Machinery & Plants, Automation & Drives, and Digital business units, we offer a wide range of exciting careers that will showcase your talents.

Our culture and mentality

We are dynamic. But we are also steadfast. Dynamic when it comes to the future. Steadfast because we let our actions and thinking be guided by a firm compass of values.

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The Jagenberg Group

Achieving more together.

Jagenberg Group is a medium-sized group of companies. We bring together 19 strong companies from all over the world under one roof. Innovative technologies for the processing of web-shaped materials represent the historically grown core of our group. As such, we build machines that wind and unwind, slit, print, dye, and finish materials. Materials that can be extremely long and also incredibly thin — in this our group is second to none!

As far as our entrepreneurial thinking is concerned, we are committed to the long term. Moreover, the values of cohesion, integrity, and reliability are deeply anchored in our DNA.

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