Our approach:
Responsibility down to the last detail

The Jagenberg Group acts with foresight, prudence, and responsibility. That is why sustainability also plays a key role in our j-united 2025 corporate strategy. Its aim is to actively shape the future and work together to find innovative solutions to new challenges. For us, it therefore goes without saying that – in addition to concentrating on future areas with a high technological emphasis, profitable growth, and a global customer focus – sustainability is also given equal strategic attention.



With three business segments – Machinery & Plants, Automation & Drives, and Digital – the companies within the Jagenberg Group pursue the overarching goal of developing solutions that meet high technological standards. In doing so, as a group of companies, we are not limited to one specific application area, but instead provide comprehensive solutions for various industries.

Our j-united 2025 corporate strategy includes a range of ambitious goals that we want to achieve together in the coming years. The maxim “Create.Future.Together.” serves as our guiding principle in this regard. Developing creative, forward-looking solutions has been an essential part of our DNA for 150 years. We face up to the dynamic developments of the future – particularly in the context of technological progress, digitalization, and climate change – and set standards for our industry.


In keeping with our corporate maxim “Create.Future.Together.”, we offer a working environment characterized by trust, where our employees can contribute their enthusiasm and ideas every day in order to shape the future development of our company in conjunction with innovative products and services.

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Jan Haase,
Group HR, Jagenberg AG

"For me personally, above all else, it is the working atmosphere characterized by trust that I sense every day. Trust in the capabilities of the individual, the team, and the company forms the basis that unites all of us within the Jagenberg Group."


The starting point for our “Strategic Emission Steering” concept is a transparent assessment of the emissions resulting from business processes. An individual profile of carbon emissions based on consumption data is available for each production site in order to be able to draw up targeted measures with maximum efficiency. Key indicators include electricity and natural gas consumption as well as the amount of fuel needed for company cars. However, water use, waste generation, and business travel activities are also assessed with regard to their carbon emissions.

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Accordingly, we calculated our production-related carbon footprint for the first time in the reporting year and defined targets in line with the Paris Agreement.

That is why the Jagenberg Group plans to invest in suitable projects as part of its “Caring for the Future” sustainability strategy. In all, this means that we want to reduce our gross carbon footprint by 14% by 2025 (using 2021 as the reference year) and support suitable projects to offset the unavoidable annual emissions. Suitable projects for us in this context are those that compensate for carbon emissions in the atmosphere using natural and/or technical processes. From 2023 onwards, we want to be able to compensate for our unavoidable Scope 1 and Scope 2 emissions.

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Dr. Stephan Witt in conversation with Dr. Schneiderwind on the topic of sustainability


Fairness, respect, openness, and honesty complete our system of values. Our values not only define our ideals, but also our sense of responsibility. As part of our corporate success and sustainable growth, we gear our activities toward maintaining high ethical and legal standards and expect the same from our suppliers.

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Our ethical standards:  
Principles of Responsible Governing

How do the members of Jagenberg Group interact so that we can live up to the trust placed in us and protect our reputation? How do we expect our suppliers and partners to behave and which irrevocable rights do we attribute to all people? Learn here about the details!

Download our behavioral code, the behavioral code for suppliers and, as part of our human rights strategy, the declaration of principles of human rights.

Sustainability Report 2022


What does it take to make
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