News: Against Corona together—Jagenberg Group is part of it

Against Corona together—Jagenberg Group is part of it

Since December 7th, companies throughout Germany are acting in concert. A wide variety of corporations from all industries aims to support the vaccination campaign which the German government has launched.They want to convince as many people as possible to get their shot against the Corona virus.
“The big take-away of this pandemic”, says Dr. Stephan Witt, COO of the Jagenberg AG, “is that responsibility works best, if we carry it TOGETHER. Hence our support of the German government’s vaccination campaign: #ZusammenGegenCorona.”
The idea behind the campaign is adapting corporate claims so that they advertise getting vaccinated. In this way, the brands “booster” the governmental campaign! And only after few days, the campaign has already proven a communicative success—and we hope it will prove a success in fighting the virus as well.